Interview for Sisters in Crime (SinC) Atlanta chapter website

From Sisters in Crime (SinC) Atlanta chapter website

Going Home

by Sharon Marchisello

Going Home is Sharon Marchisello’s first novel and deals with a subject she’s experienced first-hand: caring for a mother with Alzheimer’s. It’s also a mystery and explores the difficulty of solving a murder case when a potential witness can’t rely on her memory. Baby boomers forced into role reversal with their parents, elder abuse, and end-of-life decisions also figure into the story, as does a long-buried secret that surfaces, threatening the protangonist’s happily married life.

SinC: The culprit is not exactly the antagonist in the novel. Did you know who the perpetrator would be when you started?

SM: No. I worked with the material for quite a while before I made that decision. The characters turned out to be multi-layered, and I had to get to know them first.

SinC: Who or what inspired you to write?

SM: I’ve always made up stories, starting when I was a little girl. My mother would read me a bedtime story, and before I fell asleep I’d make up another version. Then I took creative writing courses in college and got a master’s in fiction or “professional writing.” So I continued writing stories and screenplays, including a script for a private film.

SinC: What writers influenced you?

SM: There are so many… I guess some key ones are Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins who wrote Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. But there are lots more. I read all the time.

SinC: Tell me about your writing process.

SM: Well, when I was still working, I’d get up an hour early and write then. It’s surprising how much you can accomplish that way. Since I’ve retired, I’m not as disciplined, but I’ve found I can get more done if I continue to get up early.

SinC: What do you like best about writing, and what do you detest?

SM: I love creating a world the way I want it or a heroine like the person I’d like to be. You know, someone who can always think of the perfect retort on the spot. What I detest is spending hours to capture a complicated state of mind or emotion and being disappointed when I look at what I’ve written. But you have to keep trying!

SinC: Your trying seems to have paid off! What will be your next project?

SM: I started a sequel to this book last year during NaNoWriMo. It features the grandaughter, Giovanna, and explores how Michelle who’s never raised children deals with the challenge.

SinC: Wow. We wish you all the best!


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