Reviewing Books on Goodreads!

I almost never bothered to post reviews when I read a book. It was too much like writing a book report for a school assignment. When I became a published author, I realized how important reviews are…and it’s like pulling teeth to get readers to write them! I now make it a point to review every book I read and post it to Goodreads.



If you don’t use Goodreads yet, hurry over and check it out. It’s a wonderful place to read and review books, compare notes about books, pick up new reads, make friends and gain followers for your own books.

I have been using Goodreads since 2013 when I first became a published author and love it! Of course there was a learning curve and I made plenty of mistakes and still do at times! LOL! Sigh. But I keep plugging away as I do with everything in life.

The staff at Goodreads are helpful and accommodating when you do make bloopers. They know me by my first name now since I have had to request their assistance many times over. They are kind and follow up to make sure you understand what you think you are doing.

I am in the top 10% of Amazon Reviewers…

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