Smorgasbord Blogs from Your Archives – #Family – Financial Lessons from my Mother by Sharon Marchisello

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The start of a series of posts from the archives of financial expert Sharon Marchisello. Very often we learn our spending habits from our parents… which is probably why I have too many pairs of shoes and handbags! In her first post Sharon shares the financial wisdom she learnt from her mother.

Financial Lessons from my Mother by Sharon Marchisello

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and although my mother is no longer here, she left me a healthy respect for money. And I still benefit from the financial lessons she taught me. There was really some wisdom behind her platitudes:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” My mother let me know that my father worked very hard for what we had, and there was a finite amount of money in the household for discretionary expenditures. Unlike some of my friends (or so I thought), I couldn’t have whatever…

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