A Conversation with Sharon Marchisello

Thank you to Melanie Stewart for featuring me on her blog today. We talk about my mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease, which inspired my mystery novel, Going Home.

Leaving The Door Open

In early 2000, author Sharon Marchisello’s mother, Lolita, seemed to understand that something was different and once told her daughter “Losing your mind is a terrible thing.” She had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the whole family was learning how to adjust to life with a loved one who was quickly changing.

Years later, with past conversations with Lolita still on her mind, Sharon was prompted to write a mystery thriller book titled Going Home. She wanted to explore what it would be like to question a witness (or suspect) with memory issues.

I recently had my own Q&A conversation with Sharon about her mom and her research for Going Home.

What were some of the early signs that your mother was developing Alzheimer’s?

We lived in different cities, so I probably missed a lot of the early signs. I remember she’d repeat herself a lot, and ask the…

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