Interview an author with Author Sharon Marchisello!

Thanks so much to Janice Spina for interviewing me on her blog today!


It is such a pleasure to welcome a fellow author toInterview an Author on, please help me welcome talented author, Sharon Marchisello!

Thank you so much, Sharon, for coming today to share a little bit about yourself and your lovely books. I am excited to have you here! The floor is yours!

Sharon Marischello

When did you know that you wanted to be an author?
Before I could even write the alphabet, I told myself stories when I couldn’t fall asleep at night. My parents, friends, and teachers encouraged me. Not only did I do well with writing assignments in school, but I also wrote stories as a hobby. I guess I’ve always wanted to be an author.

jjspina: That is wonderful, Sharon. Not many people find what they love to do in lifeso early.

What process do you need in order to write?

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