Spring, Beauty and Books : Sharon Marchisiello

Thank you to Valentina for featuring me on her lovely blog!

Valentina Expressions

Beautiful and fresh April, the beginning of a new nature’s bounty. April in Latin is translated in Aprilis, it derives from the words aperio, aperire, apertus, a verb meaning “to open”. In Roman time, April 1st was the beginning of the year, here we are my friends, Happy New Year to all and happy Spring.

I wanted to open this new Spring year with authors who can inspire us with thoughts of Spring, showing what they do to beautify their lives, and how they keep negativity away, suggestions that might be very important to keep our sanity at this time. Lately, I have not been much in touch with authors, I have been reading about politics and history in my language trying to learn this new global situation and be able to make my own decisions and conclusions versus what the media wants to push on me. This is my…

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